Mixing Oils - A Survey

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Dec 4, 2002
SF/Bay Area, CA
I'm intrigued by all of the board members out there that are taking it upon themselves to improve what's available to consumers of motor oils by mixing different grades and types of oils for their applications. Recognizing that there are a lot of different applications out there depending on factors suchs as ambient temperature, vehicle type and vintage, how it used and others, what are some examples of the "perfect oil" that you mixers would really like to see the oil companies produce? [Smile]
I would like to see a group III that is mixed with a PAO/Ester blend and sold as a true synhtetic blend, that is designed for extended drain and costs about $3.50 a quart. [Bang Head] I don't want to see any Goup II or I in the mix at all. No unwanted molecules!!! I would want this to have a multivis of say 5w40 and designed for all around fleet, either gas or diesel or motorcycle.
I'm going to start mixing Schaeffer oil in the spring, as I want a thicker 10w30. Their 10w30 is 10.0 cst but I want something closer to 12 or even 13cst (making it a low 40) It's more of an experiment to see if my wear numbers are lower. So in essence, my ideal oil would be the current Schaeffer oil but with their 10w30 being a bit thicker. [ January 30, 2003, 12:34 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
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