Mixing 10w-30 with 5w-30

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Oct 12, 2003
North Carolina
I bought a ton of oil at Biglots ,the havoline syn I have about twice as much 5w-30 than 10w-30, I normally use 10w-30 living in FL but it was so cheap I could not pass it up. My question is being a synthetic, can I use the 5w-30 in Temps over 90 and be OK, or would it be better to mix 3 qts.5w and 2 qts. 10w. together.
the diff in vicosity between a 10w30 and a 5w30 is minimal. As long as you have the same brand of oil, As for the hot weather, you might want the 10w30, but since they are both synthetic, I dont' see why 5w30 would be a problem.
10w-30 would be better, but 5w-30 will be fine, unless you extend your drains past 5-6,000 miles, as it will probably thin out. I mix 5 and 10w-30 all the time because I usually have a couple lefteovers of each depending on time of year.
Hi sHERM. I'm not sure what year/model Volvo you have, but I can tell you my `93 245 does not like 5W30 one bit in the summertime. My local Mobil rep gave 5 complimentary quarts of Mobil Drive Clean 5W30(yea, dino...I know) a few summers ago. I normally use 10W30 year `round, but free oil is good oil so I gave it a try. Actually, the car did run OK. The problem I experienced was my oil light would start flashing on deceleration. If I had an oil gauge I might have been brave enough to go for a longer test, but that oil didn't stay in my car for more than a few days.
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