Mixed 3 ozs lucas ucl with bottle gumout high mileage ok?

Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
Doing something fun. Got some humour high mileage.bought quart size.Lucas ucl,which I use every tankful. 18 gallon tank.near empty its 14-15 gallons from needle reading,but I do
L around 13 gallon mark. Normaly,I put 6 oz Lucas in.well pump 7 gallons,stop,pour Lucas in,then finish filling with fuel. So,got bored n thought about piston cleanlines! I put 3 ozs Lucas and 6 oz bottle of gumout high mileage in. Humour advertises its a UCLA too. Last tank I put 6 oz lucas,and then the gumout.was overkill I think. Engine n.posting indeed reved fast with pedal down! So.felt the 3 ozs Lucas wad good enough. Is it? Or should I do4?5/ozs and bottle of gumout?.planning running a while like this..did I get ratio mix right?
What vehicle? Year? Mileage? What's wrong with your vehicle that you would need an upper cylinder lubricant every 18 gal of gas? Maybe better asked, what condition are you trying to remedy? or do you feel this is preventative? Please give us a little more.