Mix oil 5w30 Audi A4 2.0TDI -14244km-By pass oil filter

Apr 11, 2022
Here is my third analysis of used oil in this A4 2.0TDI euro 6, the two previous analyses can no longer serve as reference, we have to start the count from 0 since the filtration system was modified.
14.244km with 234hours and average speed of 66km/h.It should not be seen as a normal analysis, it is not ,the total oil capacity is increased from 5l to 6.5l by the installation of double bypass filter ,then at 5k the two bypass filters were changed and that means replacing 1. 5l more fresh oil.5l more fresh oil.The oil capacity of this 2.0TDI euro 6 was increased from 5l to 6.5l by the installation of double bypass filter. In total we have 8l of used oil, which is 3l more than a standard engine.it seems that in USA and Russia EA 288 has a capacity of 5.5l, in Europe it is 4.6-4.7l .

Well some engines already with so many hours of operation and kilometers run already spend about 1l, in my case has not been added makeup oil, the sample was extracted immediately after returning from vacation.
The period of use has been from April to September, the first 5000km are the usual to go to work 2x26 route, the rest of the kms are made mostly by highway, car loaded a lot of time stopped the engine running to keep the air conditioning, some very complicated routes through mountain passes and low average speed. With the heat and the bypass system everything has worked well without anomalies, has passed the test, many probably feared the modification of the oil filter to remove the oil flow for the bypass but everything is fine, that if you can not go to a normal workshop to change the oil, with this system I am the one in charge of doing everything.
Very efficient driving style, the real consumption according to spritmonitor is between 4 and 4.5l.
The oil temperature in this car and according to my driving style does not usually exceed 100 ° except in specific conditions. The particulate filter has been regenerated exactly every 477km, in this vehicle is the maximum possible as it is so configured from the factory.
I was waiting for the analysis, I know that this system could retain part of the wear, but what they can not avoid is the dilution and soot.these two factors especially the dilution are the ones that concern me the most,because the % of diesel is low and this has given me carte blanche to continue without changing the oil,I have only replaced the two bypass filters and added oil and additive.I plan to do another analysis later on at 22-25.000km with one or two changes of bypass filters only without touching the full flow filter.

The oil mix used is similar to what I have used previously(AR 9100 additive has been added in very low dosage), mix viscosity at 100° around 12-13cst.From now on when the filter change is done I will surely replenish with oils bought on sale with discounts trying not to exceed 3-5€/l .
The silicon in the analysis is from the Neo Protect additive,the high oxidation is from the ester of the additives mainly Ar 9100,Mannol Ceramo,Xenum vxr 500,all in low doses without exceeding 10% total additives.
I have ordered analysis this time with TAN and was very surprised that the value is extremely low.
The soot is <1 which means it does not reach 0.1% ,as I usually send to mnudo analysis I have it observed by comparing with other analysis and especially with the oil drop test can be appreciated.
The only bad thing I do not like is the viscosity that no matter if there is 2% or 5% of diesel in my two cars that have this same engine always degrades downwards.


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Pedro I

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Apr 11, 2022

Here are my previous analysis and detailed explanation of the double bypass oil filter system.

There is no point in explaining the oil mix in detail, at the most to qualify the additives used, just to announce the initial calculated viscosity is more than enough.