Mix GC with GTX?

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Ive done it before, 0w-30 and GTX 5w-30... Worked pretty dfarn well, bt Ive since gone to full GC. JMH
Originally posted by JHZR2: bt Ive since gone to full GC. JMH
Bless you my good fellow! [Big Grin]
That is permissable AS LONG AS you don't allow it to seduce you to the notion that, "Hey, that worked so well, on my next oil change I'll just MIX them from the beginning." Nein...nein... nein...use the Elixer in its pure and undiluted and non-polluted state...except as an "emergency addition" to some GTX or BC et al needing a shot in the arm. [Cheers!]
aitch ee double hockey sticks, I'm think it would be a great spike for ANY oil, including some HDEO's , much akin to adding the synergen additive or LC to aid lubricity and keep rings and bearings clean. Also ala Magnetec. As long as you are not using any other esters at the time that is. Other than pscholte (we know how you feel ) , what say you?
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