mix BMW 10-60 w/ GC 0-30

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Nov 10, 2003
Winder, GA
i just started at a BMW dealer as a tech and i can get the TWS Castrol 10w-60 for a really good price. its $10 per litre for the public and alot less for me so.... should i mix one litre of this TWS 10w-60 with 3 quarts of GC or just try the Shell Rotella T Synthetic is was going to run? (ive already got like 3 gallons of Rotella T synthetic). I know that the GC is great oil but, I would like to see just how well this shell XHVI stuff works and is my 1.8T would like the 5w-40 viscosity. BTW, this TWS stuff smells like nothing ive smelled before-its really weird. kinda like M1 mixed w/ GC. hard to explain. definetely has a ton of esters though id bet-has a stronger frutiy smell that GC even. IMO anyways. thanks for y'alls input. christopher
I don't think you will get any benifit from mixing these two oils. I would just use the Rotella T synthetic that you already have.
Correct...the TWS smells like a PAO (Elmer's glue) with a hint of sweetness (esters). I personally wouldn't mix. What BMW are you thinking of putting it in? Why not run it straight? Or run straight GC? I've tried the TWS, and although I've never done a UOA on it, I didn't find any advantage to using it over Syntec 5-50 with respect to performance, fuel economy, consumption, engine cleanliness and $'s.
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