Mississippi Pot Roast

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as soon as a saw ranch dressing mix...pass... ranch is mostly MSG. which is why it tastes so good...
And the addition of buttermilk which also has a good amount of glutamates which adds to the umami factor - and the onion/garlic powder which works well with that. Doritos uses the same ranch dressing base, aged cheese(romano and reggiano) and MSG+nucleotide seasonings to add to the umami effect and distinctive flavor. I might have to make this once it gets cold outside.
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Is that Chuck roast? I typically use the pioneer woman recipe, no fake msg seasonings
The recipe is.. but if you have an ALDI they have what they call Beef Boneless Country Style Ribs in the meat section. Im totally hooked on them. Its like the outside tender part of a Ribeye.. is the only way i know how to explain them. So i guess mine would be a Rib Roast. I dont know if the Ranch seasoning will stay on my recipe.. I think Dill and Chives is all that would be needed to give the flavor.. For those on low carb supposedly you can cook radishes in place of potatoes.. and they have the same texture and flavor once cooked. Havent tried them yet.
The Mississippi part had me worried this was going to use raccoon meat or something that harks back to poverty days.
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You don't add any liquid?
The recipe says to add 1 cup of beef broth if you use an instant pot..but later on it says do not add any water or liquid to a crock pot. I used 1 cup of beef broth. Ok here is my review: Recipe says to cook 8 hrs in a crock pot.. I cooked mine in a cast iron French Oven and mine was Fall Apart tender in 4 hours on low. The recipe called for 1/4 cup of butter.. i used maybe 3 table spoons. I added 1/4 yellow onion, carrots and celery. The whole pepperoncini gave it no heat.. after cooked they were semi sweet and very nice texture. I am a big fan of pot roasts and i will say that this recipe is almost close to the best one i have ever tasted. Why isnt this recipe the best? Well the recipe calls for 1 packet of Au Jus Seasoning, and 1 packet of Ranch Seasoning.. If you do the math thats 5680 MG of sodium. I will make this again. However with Modifications. 1) Ranch Seasoning- I will not use this. I think some dry buttermilk and some dill along with garlic powder and chives will be fine. 2) Au Jus Seasoning- I will omit this. 3) The Celery really woke this up. I didnt use a whole lot in my first batch, but will go much heavier on the next. 4) Pepperoncini- Not sure what this contributed except maybe the vinegarish vibe i tasted.. I used about 20 peppers because i really like peppers! 5) I used Beef Broth at 1 cup and without it i think the vegetables would have been in trouble in just the beef fat.. plus it calls for more butter.. I will continue to use 1 cup but perhaps move up to Beef Bone Broth later on. 6) I bought some portabellas but i did not add to this... i had planned on cooking them after in the juices in a saute pan.. but i was too hungry and did not. 7) Back to the vinegar vibe.. i think the vinegar in the peppers really tenderized the meat in a way that the other roasts i have had did not.. here is a link that confirms. https://living.thebump.com/use-vinegar-cook-pot-roast-12820.html 8) I will add vegetables at around the halfway mark instead. 9)Jalapenos may be welcome when it gets colder.. And the all important review of the meat. I have had roasts that were chewy, dry, and tough..as well as a fall apart slurry. I will have to say this is the best texture i have had in a very long while, almost near a perfect ribeye.. juicy and melt in your mouth. I know if i would have cooked it 8 hours things would have been different. Here is a link to the meat I used. https://www.aldi.us/en/grocery-good...oice-boneless-beef-country-style-ribs-2/ After a few months of buying these 'ribs' im pretty much convinced that they are just their Chuck Roast sliced. They also have Angus Chuck roasts right beside them.. and look nearly identical. I will say that Aldis brand has heavy marbling compared to Kroger or Walmart.. So in Summary.. It will be hard to taste a traditional pot roast and not think about what its missing now. The ranch and vinegar hint really hit the taste buds. I am curious as to what Balsamic vinegar will add or take away.. As the recipe is listed its too salty for me. Perhaps not for you.
We do something similar to that at least once or twice a month during the cooler season. Nice part about it is that you can use just about any meat-chuck roast, pork roast, chicken, etc.
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I will say that Aldis brand has heavy marbling compared to Kroger or Walmart..
One is Select and the other Choice. Many people don't know the difference between the 8 grades, but those are the two most commonly found in grocery stores.