minor rear end accident advice

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Apr 7, 2004
I was rear ended in parking lot. Bumper has what I would describe as a bruise and there are marks from license plate bolts fairly deep on bumper.Car is a 2007 Audi A6 64k miles always garaged. I do realize car is 8 years old but the car has never been hit before and truely perfect. The other driver had GEICO. I want car fixed right not a quick respray.

1)Will bumper need to be replaced?

2)Car is silver, will they have to blend into the fenders to get it to match?

3)Any opinions on GEICO Auto repair Xpress

I am a little concerned it wont look right a couple of years down the road. I plan to keep car about 5-6 more years.
Refinishing/repainting the bumper actually works fine, no need to replace it. My wife was hit in a similar way by hit and run who got caught! He left imprint of plate in her bumper

Its been 3-4years and silver paint matches. I don't believe they blended.
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They can probably blend the paint right on the bumper without repainting the whole thing.
No worries easy fix for a decent painter.
Not sure about collision laws in NJ but here in Ont, you don't have a choice. If an adjuster says if can be fixed a certain way, then that's what's going to happen.
If you're not confident about their service, check with your insurance company about your local laws. Many states allow you to specify the body shop of your choice.
Check with Audi. If the bumpers come pre-painted (like they do with Volvos), then you do NOT want a spray repair, you want a new factory bumper fascia.

The factory coating on a pre-coated bumper is almost a gel coat and extremely impact and scuff resilient. Any spray repair will flake off on further impacts and dings in that area.

If you're like 95% of owners, it really won't make much difference between the two. It will blend in with all the other dents and dings.

But if the car was perfect, hold your ground on this.
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