Millers or Motul 5W-20 MS-6395 compliant oil

Nov 19, 2022
Hi Friends, Happy to be entering the forums...

I have a 2018 SXT+ Dodge Challenger and in Cyprus there is no specific authorised service centre. I am searching for the correct oil to use, and after using mainly Mopar 5W-20 in the UAE, where I had originally bought the car from, now I am unable to find 5-20W in Cyprus.

My latest oil change was not a success. I was talked into using a API SL 5W-30 Oil, by Rheinol, from a mechanic who restores old American cars such as mustangs. He has a 70s mustang. He told me that the oil was excellent and so I used it. Although, there is no adverse effect in the car so far, I decided to change this oil to something more appropriate for my car, and I have since been advised to use Millers 5W-20, which is also MS-6395 compliant. I have also located Motul 5W-20 that is also MS-6395 compliant. The manual advises MS-6395 compliance, API certification (no mention whether SN, SM or SJ SL) and 5W-20 or 5W-30 if the -20 is not available.

I am quite sure, that I need to get the API SL Rheinol oil changed out asap. API SN should be the grade in my engine.
I would appreciate your comments, as to whether I should use the Millers, or the Motul Oil.
And also, givem the warm climate of Cyprus, should I prefer 5W-30 instead of 5W-20?
I use the original Mopar filter.


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Rheinol is good, but I am concerned about the API SL certification (not grade)

I feel this oil is too old tech.
I have just purchased 2 x 5ltr bottles of:

Rowe Hightech Synt RS D1
SAE 5W-20
API SP RC/ SN+ compliant
GM dexos 1 Gen 2
Chrysler MS 6395
Ford WSS-M2C945-A/-B1
In that climate got with a good 5W-30. Don't worry about MS-6395. It's not an approval, but merely a specification based on API SM (IIRC). Don't overthink this, or you'll be spinning in circles.