Mileage rating for Blizzak WS-15... time to replace?

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Feb 21, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I bought a 1998 car with Blizzak WS-15. I do not think that the tires were rotated/replaced. Front tires were more worn than rear so last summer I switched the front tires to the rear. Car has 78k miles now. I am thinking of getting new sets of tires, Goodyear Triple-Tread, and also increasing my tire size to 15". My question is, does anyone know the mileage rating for the Blizzak WS-15? I can't seem to find it on the net. Also should I ride the tires until the front tires are as worn as the rear tires? If I am over the mileage category of the Blizzak, I will not hesitate to purchase new sets of tires.
Blizzak's are snow tires and as a general rule, running snow tires in the summer is partially costly, but mostly damgerous - they just weren't meant for summer heat. Besides, it isn't the mileage rating you should be interested in, it's the actual wear you're getting. Since most tire wear occurs in the cornering mode, tire wear rate is more dependent on how often you turn, not how many miles you have. I think you might be confusing the mileage warranty with a "guarrantee". There is no "guarrantee", it's just a warranty that if you don't get the mileage specified, they'll prorate an adjustment on your next set. But don't forget, that the tire can not have an alignment wear problem, or the warranty is void. And if I am not mistaken, Blizzak's don't have a mileage warranty, nor do they have UTQG ratings (Snow tires are exempt from UTQG requirements.) Hope this helps.
I'd be very surprised if those tires got 78K mi, based on my personal experience with snow tires (Nokian and Michelin, however). I usually got about 25K out of a set.
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