mileage or length of time??

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
My dad puts about 3,000 miles on his truck (84' S10 V6) a year and I only get to change his oil when I visit (twice a year) is it safe to run a conventional oil (10W-30 Exxon superflo) in this vehicle for at least 6 months? He uses Wix oil filters too.

Sounds to me like changing dino oil twice a year is just about perfect for those conditions. I hope he at least gets it well warmed up every week or two!
Does your dad make fairly long runs infrequently or does he make very short trips often.

If long runs where the oil get thoroughly warm, yearly oil changes should be fine.

If many short trips where it never gets warm, your semiannual changes are good.
In general those are good conditions for the dino's. but a once a week 10 or mile run will help the longetivity.
I think you are more than fine here. I hate to say this but I change my Mother-in-law's oil in a 98 Grand Prix. She is 83 and puts on 2000 miles per year. I used to change oil once a year with Mobil 1- but she forgot I did that and got it changed with conventional oil. So for the past 3 years I change it once per year with dino oil
. I really need to take a sample.
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