Mileage increase with VSOT?

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Jul 28, 2006
Is this normal?: I put 6 oz. of VSOT in my oil (6qt. capacity) right before I filled up my gas tank (31 gallon) a week or so ago. Now I've already got about 20 miles more on this tank and its not empty yet. I will get gas tonight or tomorrow morning and do the math but I know I'm getting better MPG already. That's the only change I've made on this tank of gas. Three weeks ago I put 5psi more in the tires and noticed no difference and about 6 weeks ago I put new O2 sensors in and didn't notice too much of a change. I know one tank is not enough of a test but my mileage per tank never goes this high unless I'm on the highway 100% of the time and I wasn't. I will report back the actual improvement, but has anyone else seen this?
I have noticed a difference in engine tone and power, but nothing around fuel economy yet. I added the whole bottle to 7.5 quarts of oil. By the way, what are you driving that has a relatively small sump and huge gas tank?
That was a quick response!! The vehicle is a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban and any difference in MPG is a huge difference on cost. I would be estatic with .5 MPG improvement, especially since I expected 0.
I've been to Napa, and Lee, and about 4 others. Lee called Valvoline and they said its discontinued and that the additives are in their Maxlife oil products and their "Engine Treatment". I finally found some VSOT at Pep Boys. Someone said Advanced Auto has it but the store near me doesn't. If you find it the price is around $4-5 for 15 oz. The engine treatment is $15 for 32 oz but I dont know what's in it.
I don't understand these "got better mileage" threads. There are 1500 uncontrolled variables (in a scientific sense) and a mileage variation is attributed to ONE. Air temp, humidity, gas temp, speed driven, gas vendor, gas formulation etc etc etc. I wouldn't attribute anything less than 10% mileage change to any "one" thing. My car has a >10% difference in mileage which can easily been seen when 1) I drive 75mph instead of 50. 2) Outside temperature is < 32F my $.02
simple_gifts, I understand your point, however, I check my mileage every single time I fill up and the only time in the past couple of years that I've gone past ~400 miles on a tank is when I travel 100% highway. I finally refilled my tank this morning and am getting .5 MPG better than my previous 5-6 tanks after I put the new O2's on. Previous to that I was getting a little worse mileage. I realize that one tank-full is not a test but if I can maintain this improvement, I'll be sold on VSOT and I'll go get several more bottles.
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