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Jul 19, 2011
I was snooping around on the net and decided to see what the military uses for oil.It came up as MIL-PRF-46176. Which is an Arctic 0W-30 oil.Reading their test regimen the military doesn't fool around or take anyones word,they do their own testing.I didn't find any brand names in my looking.Does anyone out there know of any commercial brand names?
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That's a silicone based brake fluid spec.
I think he means MIL-PRF-46167, which is a spec for an arctic engine oil. The military has other engine oil specifications for other non-arctic services as well. MIL-PRF-2104, for example, is for diesel combat and tactical services, available in 5W-40, 15W-40, and straight 40 grades. Tom NJ
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I didn't find any brand names in my looking.Does anyone out there know of any commercial brand names?
There are only four brands listed on the military Qualified Products List (QPL) for this specification: Lubrizol Chemical Specialists and Development (CSD) Allegheny Petroleum Products Sentinel Lubricants Canada In all likelyhood, Lubrizol developed and qualified a formulation, and the other three companies all blend and bid the Lubrizol formula. That's the way bids to the US Military often work for smaller volume products. Also, many large companies will not sell directly to the militaries due to the complexity and potential liability of the business. Other brands may very well meet the specifications but did not seek qualification. Only a few companies specialize in military business because qualifications can be very expensive and margins very low. In this case, if Lubrizol did all the qualification work, the other "Mil Spec" companies can play cheaply. The military does not conduct its own engine testing on these oils. That is done by the usual qualified testing labs and certified analyses are provided. Tom NJ
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