Midas put a generic synthetic 5W30 on 16 VW Jetta 1.4

Even being an old guy I'm so glad I live where I can do my car maintenance. Helps me sleep better at night.
Me too. I used to put a scratch on the oil filter so I could tell if it's been changed before. Why would I do that? Because once I paid for an oil change and when I looked, the filter was dirty and splashed with water, implying not changed. As recent as 2012, i caught a GMC dealer putting in Dexos when I paid for Mobil 1--they accidentally stapled an internal work order to my receipt. since then? Never again has any dealership changed my oil, and these are dealers, not Midas. I also think if you take the car somewhere, don't you have to wait for it? Well not with some luxury cars I get it you get a loaner. But if you have to wait, may as well just spend that time DIY. I actually like changing the oil, I get to see what condition my car is in by getting under it...
I used to manage a major tire store many years ago and I remember that Midas had the biggest up-sale numbers in the market. I had my Jeep Cherokee in to Midas for a muffler replacement when I noticed a young woman with the same model Jeep as mine. She was being sold a brake job and they were telling her that she should have the front wheel bearing repacked while they had it apart. I pulled her aside and explained to her that her car has sealed bearings on the front and they couldn't repack them if they wanted to. Not a good track record.
I'd run that NAPA syn. for 5K and get the correct stuff next time.
I agree, that NAPA oil is Valvoline SynPower, there's no problem to it. Your worst nightmare is to run the engine without the oil
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If a quality synthetic oil does damage to an engine in 5K miles I blame it on the engine not the oil.
Or the Driver ;)

Here's Valvoline Synpower's Product info