Microsoft Account problems with two different devices

Aug 14, 2015
For whatever reason, tonight whenever I would change mouse settings on my own laptop, MS in its infinite wisdom decided to change the same mouse settings on my wife's desktop. This has never happened before. I do have a login on the desktop, but this is strange behavior. Anyways, I went into my microsoft acocunt and unlinked/unsynced the desktop from my account. Still, the problem remains. My wife likes primary mouse button to be left, and I want mine right. So is there anything else I can do?
Had the same issue with a screen background between my home and work computer. I had to un-sync both computers. I use MS Office and what a pain.
Clear the cache in your browser, close browser. Open browser and try to log in again. We have this problem at work all the time......
On your search bar, search "Manage Your Account" and open that, then you can sign out of your Microsoft account.