Michellin A/Ts to M/Ss (& a little rant)

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Sep 15, 2002
Scottsdale, AZ
I decided to go with Michellin LTX M/Ss over the A/Ts as I do mostly highway driving and maybe hit snow on ski trips once or twice a year. Its nice to feel new rubber on pavement and probably gain a little mpg! Rant: I've always bought 4 tires at the same time, but yesterday I only replaced 2. One tire had a gash (replaced free w/ Discount Tires warranty [Big Grin] ) going down into the sidewall a bit. So, following the "rule" of replacing two instead of just one corner, I chucked the damaged one and replaced the worn and old spare with the still good tire. Now the 2 older A/Ts I still have on the rear have maybe 10-15K left on them. I guess I'm being anal but it sort of tweaks me driving with unmatched tires and having my rotation/balancing schedule messed up! Anyone else feel this way? BTW...at this point I have 52K on the A/Ts...GREAT WEARING TIRE!! MUCH better than the Goodyear RTSs which HAD to be replaced at 42K! I'd highly recommend the Michellin LTXs!
Unless you have all wheel drive as long as your axles have matching tires and tire depth you should be ok. Though it personally kills me to have non matching tires. If you have 4 wheel drive you might encounter some slipping or binding due the difference in tire diameters. I read with the Audi AWD system if you need to replace one tire you are required to replace all of them to keep equal tire diameters. Of course to keep the wear equal you have to faithfully rotate your tires. As a side note 42K out of those Goodyear RTS is really good. They are not the "best tire" needless to say [Roll Eyes] . Whimsey
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