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Dec 24, 2002
Lee's Summit, Missouri
I have a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab 2WD with 41000 miles on it. I'm still running the Firestone Wilderness HT tires (225/70SR15) that came on it. I can't complain about the mileage I've gotten out of the OEM tires, but I need to replace them this summer.

I've done some research and I'm leaning toward replacing the Firestones with Michelin LTX's, but wanted to ask if you have these tires, what has been your experience with them? A good wearing, quiet tire with good traction is important to me. Is this the right tire?
I've had three Suburbans ('97, '99, and '01) and those have been the right tires for me. Great wearing tire, and always a nice highway ride. Traction has been great in the rain, and very good the one time I was in the snow. I don't think you could go wrong with a set of LTX's.
I doubt you will find a better tire than the Michelin LTX M/S for 2wd application.

The difference between the LTX M/S and the firestone wilderness is night and day.

I'm buying a set of 265/70r16 LTX M/S's for my Silverado the next time I score a great commission check.
I concur with Islandvic.

The Firestone can in no way be compared to the MN LTX.

It is out classed big time in this case. Trust BOTH of us.

Are you looking into the LTX M&S, or LTX A&S?

Sears also markets the LTX made under contract called the "XC LT4." If you want better 2WD bite look into there MN called the XCX APT.

It is my understanding there is a major lowest price of the season sale on there until 02JULY

Same thing but you save money.

Sheesh I sound like a rubber afficianado
I love Michelins. I have LTX AT's (LT265/75R16C) on my C20, and XPS Traction's (LT235/85R16E) on my F250. In both cases, the tires are very refined in terms of ride and quietness, and wear very well. On my wife's Explorer we have Big O Big Foot AT Sport Touring's (P235/75R15) and we like them very much, as well. These Big O's are made by Goodyear, and are high quality.

The point is, not only should you choose a good manufacturer, but you also need to choose a tire model and size that is appropriate for your vehicle. Certain manufacturers, however, simply make better quality, better designed products, and Michelin is one of them.

You truly cannot go wrong with LTX's!
I too vote for the Michelins. The LTX M/S tires are a great all around, all seasons tire. They are just as good in the sand down on the coast as they are in the winter snow and ice.
I had a set of the XC LT4 (Sears version) that outrun mentioned above. I believe that the mileage warranty is a little higher with the Sears version. My Michelins were on a Toyota 4Runner and they were great tires. I have a set of Firestones now, but will replace with Michelin LTX M/S ASAP. Great tires....probably the best truck/SUV tire available.

My older brother ran a set of these for 90K miles. It was mostly highway travel and he kept them inflated and rotated.
The Dodge 2500 and 3500 trucks often come with Michelin LTX A/S tires. People that stay on the highway seem to like them well enough, but they are a poor OEM choice for 4wd vehicles. I find that they do ok in snow provided you have 4wd, but they're worthless on ice and don't even handle frost very well. I also siped mine as they would wander on rain soaked roads, something that you don't expect in an A/S tire. The LTX M&S gets better reviews and would have been a better choice, but their 'traction' tire would have also been a nice option.

The Firestone Destination has received some nice reviews, even in 4wd magazines.
Mich LTX A/S were on my work truck at an old job. I didnt like them at all.

Woody try 235/75 on your truck, the OEM size 225/70r15 is an odd size that limits choice and increases price.
Thanks for all the responses. This confirms my research on the Michelin LTX's. Islandvic, I'll have to do some more research on going up a size. My initial pass into this yeilded I should not increase the overall diameter of the tire more than 3% due to throwing off calcs made by the computer. A 225/70R15 OD is 27.5" and a 235/75R15 is 28.9" which is an increase about 4.8% - maybe this isn't enough to worry about.
Woody, the differance will be nil.

If you had a lift with 33x12.50 boggers, that will be a another story.

My brother has a '95 Z-71 with OEM size 265/75r16.

He upgraded to 285/75r16.

Basically, he went from 31" to 32" tire.

Truck works fine after switch.
I have used the Mich LTX A/T's on three different vehicles. A 1990 GMC Suburban, 1993 Mitsu Montero and a 1999 Toy 4Runner. All used a 31x10.50 R15 tire. I have not been impressed with this tire that much. The highway ride is okay and they are quieter than other brands. They also last forever (I averaged 70K miles on each set). But the traction on anything but dry pavement is terrible! The minute road conditions go south or you venture off the pavement you will wish for a better tire. I like the Firestone Destination line. I have used the M/T and found it to be the absolute best tire I have ever had on my 4WD vehicles. It's only downfall is it is noisier than an A/T. For you, check out the Destination A/T. It has had the same great reviews as the M/T.

CHeck out the Bridgestone Dueler AT "REVO" , a very impressive tire. Gets great reviews all over the Net. I just put a set on my 04 4runner last week, very quiet ride and very good traction offroad.
I dont like the Firestone/Bridgestone corp.

Their tires killed one of my old H.S. classmates a few years ago.

Excessive speed or booze were not factors.

Firestone's on his Explorer were.
I had a set of LTXs (31x10.5x15) on a Tacoma PreRunner and had to take them off with just a little over 30K miles on them. They would lose traction with the slightest bit of rain (forget about snow). I had to keep 200lbs. in the bed after 10K miles. I now have Bridgestone Revos on and they are fantastic, so far (10K miles).
I had Michelin LTX M/S's on my 97 Blazer. They were all around average, and they wore out fairly quickly. 8 months ago they were replaced with Firestone Destination LE's... and they are fantastic. Much quieter than the Mich's, even when the Mich's were new, and the handling difference is very noticeable. I haven't gotten a chance to try them in snow yet, but I'm not expecting any real problems there either. They were also dirt cheap compared to another set of LTX's. I'm so pleased that I just got my mom's TrailBlazer onto a set of these tires as well, and noticed similar improvements over the OEM BF Goodriches.

Good luck!
had michelin ltx ms on my 1990 F-150 when I was in college, 7 years ago. Got them done at sam's club, so price was fair, about $150/tire installed I think. I was on bald tires before them, picture broke college student, so any new tire would've made a big difference I think but I was real happy with those michelins. Gave a much better ride, were light truck rated, and I sold the truck maybe 20k miles later with them still having good tread left. Can't go wrong with michelin in my opinion.
funny story- had loaded this same 1/2 ton truck, once out of college, with about 1-ton of grave. Had caused all leaf springs except one to eventually break, but the tires never had a problem with it. Had even gotten stopped by a cop on the 2 mile trip with the load, picture trailer hitch class 3 off the frame (not off bumper) riding only 2" higher than the ground.
Ive heard nothing but good about the LTX tires. However, I would suggest looking at BF Goodrich All terrain radial tires. I had the original ones on my 98 ZR2, and changed at 50k o the newer 'ko' version. I did this mainly because the truck sits out side, and I was afraid of rubber degradation. There was over 50% of tread left after 50k miles of highway and off road use.

I have been really happy with these tires in the snow, to the point that I dont need to use 4wd with even an unloaded bed.

My GF's father in the USVI haas these tires, and they have been great down there as well.

Just another to consider, youll likely save a few $$$ over the LTX and still have a great tire.

The LTX's do well in rain and dry, but they suck in snow.

I've got GOODYEAR TRACKERS on a beater I have, I know GOODYEARS right?!?!? Anyway, they do better in the snow for half the price.

You're in NC, you've driven in snow once, right?
How do you know if they do GREAT in snow?

For a 2wd truck, you will be fine with the LTX's.
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