Methanol, Ethanol, and Isopropyl, which doesn't hurt aluminum?

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Jul 27, 2004
Frankfort, Kentucky
Looking into Alcohol Injection, but i cannot find any real information on which of these is the least corrosive to aluminum. Can anyone help?
Alcohols shouldn't react with aluminum, or aluminum alloys. They do however tend to react with hydrocarbons and some petroleum based rubbers.
Believe there is some evidence reported in the literature that methanol does indeed react with Aluminum. That does not occur with either ethanol or isopropanol.
My understanding was that both Ethanol and Methanol are harmful to your engine. I was under the impression, after reading my owners manual, that Ethanol is limited to 10-15% and that this is with the use of "co-solvents" that inhibit the harmful effects. Just put "ethanol (or methanol)fuel aluminum " into google. Plenty of hits. One site, selling racing carbs for garden tractors, just said that methanol will corrode aluminum if it couldn't evaporate. In your situation should evaporate. [I dont know]
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