Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it is the best ever for each of you. For the members that do not celebrate Christmas I hope your holiday is filled with love and happiness. Helen
Merry Christmas to you Helen. Merry Christmas to the admins and mods. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Happy NEW YEAR! And may BITOG grow and prosper!!
Merry Christmas to Helen and everyone! The weather in Da Swamp at Xmas time is a gamble. Sometimes it's actually cold, like today. In '83, it went down to 13 F., and my then wife and I didn't have heat that night in our apartment. (We stayed warm, never mind how.) More often, though, the climate here matches my version of "winter Wonderland": "Later on, we'll perspire. "'Is that A/C? Turn it higher!' "We drive and we grump "O'er potholes and bumps, "Sweating in a sticky swampy land!" In a while I'm going out to walk in the park with Miss Linda, accompanying her to church tonight, and we've ordered a nice dinner from a local grocery/deli for tomorrow. During my time off, I'll have a couple of outstanding things taken care of on the Buick, and we'll drive out to the Gulf Coast; we haven't been there since before Katrina. Stay happy and healthy, all.
Merry Christmas, if you can, do something nice for someone. Do it anonymously. Christmas isn't about the consumerism in to which the media has made it. Cherish your friends and families, not things. Believe me, you will be better for it. This goes for those who do not observe Christmas as well. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.
There's already ample offered merriment, so I'll take the time to thank Helen, the moderators and the admins who all work behind the scenes to keep operations running smoothly. smile2
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Merry Christmas, if you can, do something nice for someone. Do it anonymously.
Thanks for this ... it's a good reminder.
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