Mercedes blue coolant in older Toyota?


Dec 4, 2018
I have two gals of MB blue coolant I have no other use for. What is the compatibility? My Toyota manual says ethylene glycol, and further states don’t put any additives in it. That’s it, no red green or otherwise. I recently wasted most of my red coolant due a defective radiator, which will go to the recycling yard, but I am tired of spending money on my old vehicle right now. It will have some red coolant in it already that won’t be drained.
i would use that ASIAN Formula coolant they sell at WALMART, i think PEAK 50/50 about $18 a gallon
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You'll be fine using MB blue coolant which is an Si-OAT in in older Toyota that calls for an Asian P-OAT. The silicates in the Si-OAT and the phosphates in the P-OAT really serve the same function and absolutely can be mixed as evident by the new euro P-Si-OAT coolants like VW G12 Evo.
I thought the MB coolant was blue, it’s very clear light amber color. Not up on all this. I think I should have just gone and got the all purpose Prestone 10 year. Anyway the system needs more flushing. Which is a whole other issue as I like to be careful gathering the old coolant. Not sure where all the flush water can go, like I don’t exactly have a barrel for it.
that jug was at least 15 years old

glysantin g05 has been retired by mercedes for a long time. probably still works fine though
Before Toyota Red was used for factory fill in the 1990s(starting with the Lexus launch of 1989), Toyota called for any good quality coolant. Use that MB Blue/G-48 with no issues.
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