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Nov 25, 2003
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I was curious if anyone here has actually bought a vehicle new and stuck with one brand of oil used in it for life of ownership .

I have

I have owned two Ford LTD's with 302's and ran both past 200k on Mobil oil " dino " 10w-30 and ran a Ford Truck with the 300ci six cylinder on Valvoline Racing Oil only to over 200k with straight 40wt and 20w-50 . This truck was used for towing my various Dragboats
and never saw grocery getting type action
All three were in good mechanical condition when sold .

I have an 2002 that was broke in on dino then switched early to Mobil Supersyn that I will stay with on that one and two new 2004s that got the Synergyn oil put in them at 400 and 500 miles respectively . Going to stay with that oil in those till I decide to replace them . $4.70 a quart when bought in the 5 gallon pail .

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'95 Camry V6. Steady diet of M1 5w30 for the life of the vehicle, 114,000 miles and spotless inside.
85 Omni, carburated, fed Castrol 20W-50 for its entire 165,000 mile tenure before I sold it. Oil changed every 3000 miles. Just before I sold it, it burned one quart between oil changes. Best car I ever owned.
89 Buick Century 3.3L, sold at around 175K mi., ran like new. Only ever ran Castrol GTX 5W-30.

79 Toyota Corolla, sold at 150K, only ran GTX 20W-50.
When I was younger and first started changing oil, my dad showed me the Consumer Reports oil study and pointed out that it did not matter what oil you used as long as it had the "starburst" symbol. My first new car was a Ford Escort and the entire time that I had the car (68,000) miles I used Wal-mart Tech2000 (now it is SuperTech). No issues, changed it like every 4,000 miles or so. Ran like new when I sold it.

Since then I have found sites like this and find it more fun to try and find the right balance of price and performance. Its kind of addictive...
2000 Civic SiR (current odometer reading = 60900 km) has been lubricated by 5W-30 Mobil 1 Trisyn & Mobil SuperSyn since the first oil change at 5000 km.

Note. OCI = 5000-6000 km.

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1993 TBird got it with 10k miles on it in 94.

Valvoline Durablend every 3k miles (10w in summer, 5w in winter).

In 2000 it had 135k miles on it. Not a single problem.
I almost made it through with just one brand in my mom's car. From it's second oil change it got Mobil 1, and continued that way for over 200,000km, then I decided to try out Castrol GTX High mileage and now I'm running 0w30 Walmart synthetic in her car.
I ran my S-10 exclusively on Mobil 1 until yesterday.....put in GC and so far it runs smoother and quieter than it has since new.
I've used the same "brand", Mobil, but I've recently switched from various configurations of Mobil 1 (everything from 0w-30 to 15w-50) to Delvac 1.
I have a 1989 s-10 Blazer that I have used nothing but Havoline 10w-30. It now has 152K miles. My wife drives a 1998 Montana that uses only M1 10w-30. I have just bought a used 1997 Z-71 with 42K and have yet to decide which oil would be good for it.
I've had 2 vehicles where I've only used one brand. A 1980 Toyota that saw Mobil 1 from the first oil change until I sold it at 165,000 miles, and a 1990 Mustang I still own currently with 82K miles that's also only had Mobil 1...
I had a 1992 Ranger 3.0 and a 1997 Ranger 3.0. I put a combined total of 206,000 miles on them using only Castrol GTX 5w30 every 3 to 4K. I remember the guys at the local fast lube place always gave me a hard time, telling me that 'water thin 5w30' would blow up a motor. At some point when my '92 had reached over 100K and was still running like a top, I told them that it must be nice to work at a fast lube and know more about a Ford engine than Ford engineers and I never went back. I guess that's when I started changing my own oil!
I worked as a helicopter mechanic from 1978 to 1980 with Wingflingers Helicopters. Bob Mitchel, the owner, had a Ford f-150 that I drove following the aircraft as it worked pipeline patrol and foresrty service surveys throughout the southern US. He was a firm beleiver in Amsoil extended drain and I personally put over 400,000 miles on that truck. Bob used oil samples (which I took when he said to). The by-pass oil filters were changed every year and in the 12 years I drove that truck, the oil was changed only 3 times (this I know, because I did it). Yes it still broke down, water pump and power steering pump, radiator sprung a leak once, 5 brake jobs, etc. just minor things that break with a lot of use.
Bob talked me into using Amsoil in my own car in 1979 and I became an Amsoil Dealer in 1980 I have never used anything but Amsoil for all my lubes. Although I haven't used the bypass filters an oil analysis like he did, I did send in an oil sample on my wifes Ford Windstar van at its first oil change at 23,187 miles, I should receive the findings next week sometime. I change the oil once a year as I no longer drive 25,000 miles.
Amsoil works for me, has worked for 23 years and I've personally seen the benefits and money savings of the extended drains. I'm not switching to another brand.

Al Rich
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