"Meets and Exceeds". Let's look at QS for a minute.

Mar 20, 2015
Tom has the tremendous knowledge base and work experience to completely back up what he has stated.

I have seen where Super S 5w30 full synthetic claimed a oil met Dexos and MB 229.5 and Porsche C30. Which made no sense because Dexos oils are almost always 3.0-3.2 HTHS. MB 229.5 and C30 is a thicker oil to meet that approval that has a HTHS of 3.5 or a bit higher.

"Suitable" was the wording in this case. I would not run that Super S 5w30 in a Porsche C30 car or a MB.


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Apr 4, 2012
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In my opinion, "Meets or Exceeds" is a definitive statement from the manufacturer/marketer that the oil formulation has been tested against and passed all of the requirements of the stated specification/standard. If the formulation was not actually tested against and passed all of the requirements, then the manufacturer/marketer is being deceptive and can be held liable. The "Exceeds" part is just marketing - with dozens of tests required to meet a specification, surely at least one test result exceeded the minimum specification.

Statements such as "Formulated to meet...", "Recommended for...", "Suitable for...". and similar verbiage are an opinion from the manufacturer/marketer that they believe the formulation would pass the required tests if so tested, or is at least suitable for the application. The fact that they chose not to state "Meets or Exceeds" strongly implies that they do not have the full actual data to support this statement. Their opinion may be based on partial testing, similar products that have been tested, or an expert assessment of the expected performance based on the formulation. The opinion also could be baseless. The value of these statements depends on your faith in the integrity of the manufacturer/marketer.

Thanks, agreed.
Jan 16, 2017
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All I can say is that I use oil-based products that are approved by the OEM. In this case, QSFS (QSUD) is approved and licensed by GM. I also use a Dexron ATF product that is licensed by the OEM and has GM's J- license number displayed (full-synthetic ACDelco 10-9244 Dexron VI ATF).

I've thought about using transfer case fluids other than the specified AutoTrak II, but haven't convinced myself yet.

Come to think of it, I've trusted Mobil 1 75W-90 LS in both the front and rear axles for years now. It's rated GL-5, and it's unclear if this is properly rated. I assume it is okay to use...
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