M'craft 5w-20 vs M1 0w-20 vs M1 5w-30

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
I've been here long enough that I feel stupid for asking but here goes. Two weeks ago we traded the Grand Am on a 2003 Taurus wagon, 3.0L, calls for 5w-20. Looks like fresh oil and filter, I'm assuming that's what the Ford dealer where we bought it put in. OTOH, I'm a Mobil 1 guy. The 0w-20 M1 says it's okay to use in 5w-20 vehicles, but I'm hearing the siren song of the cheaper 5 qt jugs of 5w-30 M1 at Wally-World calling my name. On the third hand I'm not one to worry about saving $5.00, the 5w-20 so far does not come in 5 qt jugs. I will get a UOA at 20k, meaning the oil will have roughly 3800 miles on it (we bought the car with 16200), assuming it was changed then with Motorcraft 5w-20. Whaddaya all think? I don't mind paying for UOA's on all three and I will use a 5k OCI with a Motorcraft FL400S filter regardless. Thanks.
I have a 2003 Mazda MPV with the 3.0 V6 duratec and I went the first 5000 miles on Motorcraft 5w20 then switched to Mobil 1 0w30 with 5000 mile OCI. I now have 22,000 and after the warranty may go to 6-7000 miles changes once I do a 5000 mile UOA. The engines doesn't use a drop of oil in 5000 miles changes. I would not hesitate to use the M1 over the 5w20 dinos. But I plan to get 200,000+ miles out of it so I want it to stay clean and low wear.
This time of year, I'd surely be leaning towards the M1 5W-30. But that's me. Some of you know that I am NOT a believer in the 5W-20 oils.
It's a different engine, but I ran M1 0w-30 in my 4.0 Ranger over the winter and the UOA on a 5k OCI wasn't all that great. Granted, it was a hard, cold winter and the truck got used pretty good over it. People are posting good UOA's with the Motorcraft 5w-20 synthetic blend but I'd still rather use a full syn unless the UOA with the Motorcraft is nearly identical.
My dad's Taurus runs great on Syntec Blend 5W-30. An 03 rental Taurus I had fora long time had QS 10W-30, then M1 0W-20. I noticed no difference in MPG or performance (using g-tech before & after) with the M1...Butthe engine sounded better and had less engine noise. Either way, that is a great engine. For my opinion, and from my dad's good luck, I would recommend M1 5W-30, with your 5M OCI.

Since the siren song is serenading you, go with the M1 10w-30 for the summer and early fall. It's much more shear stable than the M1 5w-30. Go with the M1 0w-20 for the winter.
I'd be willing to bet that the dealer didn't put 5w20 in.

If you want to stick with a Xw20 oil, Mobil 1 0w20 will do fine. But I think Motorcraft, Pennzoil, Havoline, or Exxon 5w20 would do well too. The Pennzoil 5w20 comes in 5 qt jugs, BTW, and it's about $8 at Wal-Mart. Use that and change it at least every 5000 miles and you should be fine.
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