MB CLA-250

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Mar 20, 2014
Hey all, happy Friday! So, the Mercedes Benz CLA-250 is a 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine. Like 208 HP and somewhere around 260 ft lb torque. Base model comes out to about 32-33k. How do you think this engine, along with being a MB will hold up? Kinda caught my eye to see a MB under 40k.
What I want to know is why they cost $32k there and nearly $70k here! Both the power and torque figers are almost identical (both 4 numbers short) to my Falcon which is decent from an engine half the size (with a turbo) but it should be pretty quick with their newer transmissions.
Not sure how they'd last as MBs aren't known for their unbeatable reliability anymore
I love the looks of them. As for the engine holding up, 155 kilowatts isn't really that high an output for a 2 litre these days, Mitsubishi and Subaru have been doing far more for years now. I'd think durability would be fine. Why mess around with the CLA250 though, may as well go all out and get the CLA45 AMG, which has all wheel drive and an extra 110 kilowatts...I'd probably stump up for the extended warranty on one of those though, just in case!
very sharp car! and, as mentioned, the CLA 45 gets an incredible 355 hp out of the same sized engine - although using different pistons and 27 psi of boost! also adds AWD. a coworker has one and loves it -
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Base model comes out to about 32-33k.

There is a reason for that.

Yup. Interior quality is noticeably lower than in any other Mercedes-Benz, and it's front wheel drive. Definitely more for image than for substance -- there's no reason to buy it unless you have to have a Mercedes-Benz and it has to be that small/cheap.

Regarding the engine, that might actually be the best part (if you don't mind the throttle lag in turbocharged engines -- I generally can't stand it).
That is what makes it ideal for me. Small efficient engine in a MB at a good price and in the US.
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Seems like a cheap Mercedes-Benz for people who want to look like they have MB to show off.

Thats to lure people away from buying a loaded Accord, Maxima, Avalon,.... etc...
their lease deal is nauseating. $299/mo but you pay $2500 and $3500 up front. After you pay the $6000 blood money you can drive that car for three years, 12k/yr max for $299 a month. For a bottom shelf Mercedes, it seems to be a social climber special.
Not that CR is the end-all be-all word on these things but I believe they called it "a very nice Civic". IMO there are other new choices that will be better in one respect or another and used choices that may be better in all respects.
Mercedes builds an Accord!
A six speed Accord V-6 coupe would eat a CLA for lunch.
It also pains me to think of the cost cutting that must have gone into all of the little bits that will haunt owners of these things as they age.
There are good Mercedes and there are cheap Mercedes.
Which would you rather own?
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