Mazda Tribute V-6 oil recommendation please?

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Jan 19, 2004
Covington, Washington (near Seattle)
My wife has a 2001 Mazda Tribute with the v6 and about 50K miles. Just had the service done, brakes done, transmission flushed with BG fluid and oil changed by the dealer. Everything seems to be running just fine and now we are wondering if we should switch to a better oil for her. We live and drive in Seattle (mild, with a few hot or cold days each year, a few mountain trips) I am going to use redline for the Passat, should I use redline on the Tribute as well? and what weight do you recommend? I think I recall someone saying that Mazda engines run better on dino oil??? Any suggestions are always appreciated. [Smile] Bob
My mother has a Ford Escape wich is the same thing as a Mazda Tribute, (Ford makes it for Mazda) The Ford 3.0 v-6 has done very well with Motorcraft 5w20. Check out my recent posting in the UOA section.
The newer Tributes 2003-2004 have the 5W20 recommendation. Are we sure that was true of the 2001 models. This is the Ford Duratec engine with the Mazda upper end and fuel injection. Just test drove a 2004, very nice. What I also like is that there are no proprietary fluids, all normal easy to get, the oil filter is a pain to change, over the exhaust, but other fluids easy, nice room under the hood too if you wanted to place a bypass.
I saw this post on antohter site, sounds kind of funny...any comments? A warning concerning RedLine 5W20 and possibly others like Royal Purple brand 5W20 synthetics. RedLine's 5W20 is designed for racing engines and hence does NOT contain detergents. For street engines you must use a 5W20 with detergents.

AMSOIL is a great company:
In 1972 AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. They will have 5W20 synthetic soon. I use their oils and filters exclusively and purchase my needs in bulk for an entire year. You can order direct online and they will ship UPS. If you subscribe to their Preferred Customer Program you can buy at wholesale:\ log/1265

I have no financial interests in any of the aforementioned companies. All disclaimers apply.
The 2001 Tribute twin, Ford's Escape (which I happen to own), takes 5W20 oil. Those vehicles came out of the same Claycomo, Mo assembly plant, same engine, same oil spec. Dino or synthetic? Your choice. I've run Motorcraft and Castrol 5w20 oil in that engine with great uoa results. Got M1 0W20 in it right now.
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