Mazda B 4000 oil change intervals

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Dec 28, 2003
[Welcome!] I wouldn't change a thing. [Big Grin] Interval is up to you. With that low of mileage you could probably be fine to change the filter at 6 months and top up and change it yearly. Total change at 6 months would be conservative.
I agree with haley, Once a year change the oil, changing the filter and topping up every six months. Excellent oil choice!
I have a 98 Mazda B 4000 with 78000 miles on it. I have used M1 10W 30 and Motorcraft oil filters since the first oil change at 4000 mile intervals. Lately I have being putting about 5000 miles per year out of which 2000 of those miles are towing 3000lbs in Florida during the summer months. How often should I change the oil and should I use another filter or oil weight? Any other suggestions? Thanks for your answers.
Not open for further replies.