Mazda 3 1.6 DV6C which Oil to buy

Jul 10, 2019
Hi all,

I've just bought a Mazda 3 with the Peugeot (PSA) engine DV6C that is rebadged as an mz-cd Y6. It is the euro 5 compliant version of the engine. The car itself is a 2011 model which makes it euro 5a here.[1]
What I'm trying to do is figure what is the best oil to put in it that isn't 50 euro for 5 liters and learn about the oil spec PSA B71 2290[11], as I have found oil that meets this but I wonder if any of the other oil specs are better.

My manual states API CF-4 or B1/B3/B5 with a viscosity of 5W-30 or CF-4 or B3 10W-40.
If I put in a ford focus, a Peugeot 407, a 308, 508 with the same engine to the Castrol oil tool, it gives me their 5w-30 C2 oil which has the PSA Spec, but if I put in my Mazda 3 I get the 5w-30 LL.
Does anyone know if there is a hierarchy there?

The PSA oil is to my understanding a C2 or C3 oil with other tests, to me that means to me that I can use a good c3 oil with saps up to 0.8 % weight over a c2 which are normal a 0.6% weight.
I have found a few oil that different manufactures recommend(I understand that recommends and approvals are not the same thing).
I will buying trough amazon or another online retailer you recommend.
I will be updating this list during the week as I find more or you recommend more brands.

The list:
mobil 1 ESP for 50ish
[2]product info
Castrol EDGE for 30ish
[4]&[5]product info
Castrol Mag Stop-Start for 35ish(normally is a bit cheaper)
[7]Product info
liquimoly Top Tec 4300 5W-30
[8] Product info
liquimoly Top Tec 4200 5W-30
[9] price
[10] Product info
liqimoly Longlife III 5W-30

[11]Product info

That's one [censored] of a post! Hats off to you sir.

I would go wild and use some Valvoline MST 5W40 - probably not the answer you were looking for, sorry.
I've been using Total Quartz ECS 5w-30 for years on these kind of engines with no problems. It has that PSA spec. Lately I've been using their MC3, which is a bit better oil. The 5w-30 type of that too. MCS has come out, but haven't tried that yet. Lots of places sell ECS and MC3 for good prices in EU.
I don't think I will be using Valvoline MST5w40 as the data sheet does not show the sap level, im guessing though its above 0.8 % as it does not have any of the ACEA C specs. Thanks for the suggestion.
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The C3 on page 6 of the link you sent Popsy is very good and I have found it for sale for 45 euro for 4 liters which is a bit pricey. I will go though my list tomorrow and use the oil spec comp to see if the price increase from castrol edge LL, Does any one how to find out what year of the spec they talk about in the data sheet. e.g. Castrol Edge LL states it has MB.229.51 but I don't know how to figure out which of the year it is.
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In any case these engines are (were ?) prone to fuel dilution, hence my 5W40 recommendation...but I only have a little experience in the Citroën and Peugeot versions, so maybe it doesn't apply to this Mazda.

I would also suggest you replace the fuel filter as a preventive measure, if you intend to keep the car long.
Spent a while making the list in this hopefully its easier to read.
[Linked Image]
HI Pospy, I was looking around for info on your statement and found this forum post [1], The info there is very here good along with there[2]. If anyone else is looking for oil for these engines read these.
It does apply the mazda they just bought the engine everything you see in the info.[3] make a cool wallpaper too. and if its post 2014 then this is the engine[4].

I think I'm between Castrol LL, because I can find it the easiest and it nice size of the engine is 3.7 including filter or liquiMoly 4200. I am keeping in mind that the LL is 4L

Looking at the link [1] the UOA there are good because it shows that the first oil that are not meant to deal with the extra sulfurification by-products and other crap, like the A5 and none C ACEA oil did not stay in grade.
I don't see a reason to go to the 5w-40 instead of a 5w-30 because the the oil stay in grade once he changed to the dpr/egr able oils.
but I may if the oil I choice falls out of spec with the OCI I will use. As i will be testing the current oil, god knows what is in it. and then in the next oil change when I know whats in it and I will change the OCI based on that.

Oh and I will be changing the fuel as soon as I figure out how to do it as this is my first diesel car.

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Looking back at the price its like 10 euro in the difference, I will go for the best I can get, So far that is Mobli 1 ESP 5W-30
Just an update of the sheet so other people can make their choice based on what price the oil are in their place. Hope this help someone with the same engine, The DV/ DLD line.

[Linked Image]
The owners of this engine need to create a habit of observing the area around the injectors for signs of gas leaks. Due to certain cylinder head peculiarities leaking injectors seals can result in very costly repairs if not addressed immediately.
For oil I'd go with a C3 (it is DPF equipped,right?) ,HT/HS 3.5cp min.
Hi all,

found a video if anyone is woundering you should be listening for or checking for in terms of injector hiss or tick [1]
You might not hear it all the time but look around the inject to see is there black tar.

Just got my UOA back.
I have posted it and the Question that I have about here.[2]

For the Fuel dilution problem, There doesn't seem to be any problem with it atm but I will link here again when I go up 10,000km OCI UOA.