maxxis tires how good are they?

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They are inexpensive, and many dealers that do used car certifications end up replacing OE tires with Maxxis - I should know since I work for a dealer currently in Tallahassee (thankgod it's a temp job until school hits).

Anyways, Maxxis actually makes a good, long lasting, good riding tire. Most of the ones we sell/use are truck tires and they aren't terrible. However, if you can get a good quality tire-rack recommended tire for your weather conditions and car type it might be better for you... What kind of car do you drive?

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They make some excellent mountain bike tires, too!

Nice BMX tires as well. Cheng Shin (parent company) BMX tires have come a long way since they were cheap Tioga and IRC knockoffs.
I had a shocking front end vibration with some Kelly Safari AWR (31x10.5x15) on my 4Runner, and an annoying "graunch" when moving off..checked everything, and decided that I'd try the front tyres.

cheap...even at mate's rates, $160 each, the Maxxis Bravos went on the front.

All the problems stopped, they had a lot less lead than the Kellys.

They are more resistant to aquaplaning (not much of an issue in Oz lately), and less road noise.
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