Maxvoline XTP 5W-30 API SN GF-5 Need Lab Advice

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Jan 29, 2013
Long time lurker here. I purchased a case of Maxvoline 5w-30 from Amazon for under $3/qt. It's sold by "Sunpoint International Group" in Florida. It shipped from Bayport, TX (per the tracking info). I just received it this afternoon in a Grainger box along with the MSDS from LubeMark. The bottom of the quart has "CKS" printed on it. Prior to purchase, I emailed the company ask for specs and received a reply back. Some of the specs appeared to be the actual SN spec, not the spec of the actual oil. I then asked for a free sample quart, which they agreed to send me. It shipped with my order. I will use the sample for an oil change and send in an analysis sample from a random quart from the case I ordered. So, I want to send this in to verify the actual oil spec's. Here's the spec's I want to verify: Elemental Analysis TBN TAN 100 C Viscosity 40 C Viscosity CCS Visocity I would really like to know the CCS viscosity or at least the pour point (I live up North), but based on the what I've read, I'll probably have to settle for a Viscosity Index. I know there's a bunch of labs out there, and Blackstone is a favorite here. Would they be the best for this particular analysis? Here's some pic's of the bottle and MSDS: I asked and was told that the NOACK volatility is 14%.
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WTH is that?? Thats like fram making oil... Orange liquid of death!
if Fram made it wouldn't it have a cardboard cap?
Our nanny drives a Scion tC with sludging/oil consumption issues. I do all the maintenance on the car, and I was going to try running some short oci's with Kreen or Auto-Rx. I had a gift card on Amazon I wanted to use. This was the cheapest option. I figured if it was no good I could just use it for a quick flush with BG or something similar. There have been several off brands discovered by BITOGer's that are good oil.
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There have been several off brands discovered by BITOGer's that are good oil.
I wouldn't worry much since it is a certified oil. I haven't seen any VOAs out there that do cold cranking or pour point tests. 5w-30 is sufficient in your climate.
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