maxlife update

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Nov 27, 2013
mount airy nc
hey guys about a month or so ago I asked u guys about using maxlife in my 1986 capri with about 260000 miles. in case u don't remember I told u it used a lot of oil and when it was run hard it smoked real bad. well at u guys recommendation I used the 10w40 maxlife and its got about 700 miles on the oci so far and WOW its a different car. so far its used no oil and the smoking is almost gone. and I mean it smoked BAD when ran hard. took it to the dragstrip last weekend and it performed better than expected and hardly smoked any. thanks for a great recommendation of this oil, definitely the only oil to go in this car from now on.
Great choice for your application. The added detergents and seal conditioners can do wonders for some of these older, high mileage leakers....within reason. Despite what some say, there is legitimate chemistry behind HM oils. It's not all just marketing.
I've got an 86 Capri too! Greeting fellow Capri driver! I too often use Maxlife in mine and I've had excellent results as well. Mine is a 2.3L 4 cylinder with 221K miles.
hey ethangsmith I love my capri, I use to run mine a lot at the dragstrip but haven't in yrs till recently. you just don't see a lot of these cars anymore. its a blast at the strip to play with.
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