Maxlife does not have moly!!

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May 27, 2002
Baton Rouge
I just got off of the phone with Scott Wieland with Valvoline and he confirmed Patman's statement that the MaxLife no longer contains any moly. He said that the original formula did and had the oil analysis that verified it. However, he said that it appears that early to mid spring 2002, when they started going for the API certifications that the moly was dropped for a different anti-wear package. He did not have any details on it yet. His oil analysis backs up lack of Moly in the current formulations of MaxLife. He was surprised and as upset as I am.

He is not sure why they removed it, but will find out and e-mail me back.

This a real bummer that a potentially good oil has again been changed for the worse without the public knowing about it. The change undoubtly was driven by economics and not what it best for our cars.

I guess I am still in search for a good OTS oil. If Castrol GTX has moly in it, I wonder if their blend does? I may have to resort to mail order and put in some Schaeffer. Maybe the new Mobil 1 anaylsis will prove that our worries were not justified.
It appears Maxlife has gone and "pulled a Castrol Syntec" on us!!

I'm in the process right now of ordering a case of Schaeffers 10w30 blend! It's being shipped from within Canada so hopefully the charges won't be too bad. It's going to be a bit costly overall, and a bit of a pain having to get it shipped to me, however I want my moly!
I hate to disrupt the flow of this topic, but how do we know the new anti-wear package won't be just as good, or better than the one with moly? Maybe we should find out before bashing Valvoline.
I got an email back from Scott at Valvoline and he tells me the SL formulation of Maxlife does not contain moly.
(and based on my oil analysis I suspect the SJ formulation didn't either!!)

So until I can find Schaeffers up here, it looks like I'll be adding that Molyslip additive to my oil now, the one I mentioned in another thread. I got an email back from them which tells me that their 300ml can of Molyslip contains 30,000ppm of moly disulfide, or 3% of the total. It's suspended in 10w30 motor oil.
Johnny has mentioned that Pennzoil HM oil has moly, but I saw the specs on it and it's pour point isn't quite low enough for me to comfortably use it all year round in my car (remember, I want 10w30 for all year round too)

I'm going to try emailing Castrol again to find out of their new HM oil has moly in it.

I will email that Schaeffers address to find out of any stores in Toronto that might carry their oil, thanks!
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