Max life red bottle blend vs maxlife nextgen blend

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Jun 28, 2014
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What are your opinions on these in 5w30? I have read that the nextgen has all the moly in the maxlife lineup. It is starting to look appealing to me.
IDK Red bottle was reformulated at some point in the past couple of years without moly. OTOH, I posted a UOA of API AN Nextgen Maxlife 10W-40 a couple of years back and it showed typical moly levels. The green bottle may still contain moly simply because most of the green bottle in the pipeline is probably old stock. No flavor of Nextgen has been flying off the shelves and all flavors have been on clearance everywhere for more than a year.
If i recall valvoline only has a few with moly.stuff like premium conventional dont have moly or magnesium.they must know something cause the uoa i saw here showed very good numbers.
In my area (southern NY), there is no NexGen to be seen. I assumed it was RIP. Is it still flowing in other areas?
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Is it still flowing in other areas?
It is getting less common here (SD).
I bought approximately 40 bottles of NextGen 5w-20, 5w-30 and 10w-30 recently on clearance at Pep Boys. Some were conventional (about 18) Some were MaxLife (about 20) Few were synthetic (2, I think) ALL of them were $1.90 each. About half of them came out to $1.04 a quart after markdown at the register. I'm still looking for more too laugh
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