masking that will not lift oem paint

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Jan 17, 2003
Coastal South Carolina
I have a need to travel with my hatch slightly open maybe 6 inches, and want to cut a piece of plastic and tape it all around on the hatch opening with masking tape- will be only for 400 miles.
what tape should I use that wont pull up my 2004 oem totota paint?? or leave a nasty residue.
standard 3m blue painters tape?
thank you .
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The blue and green masking tapes have different levels of adhesive. You're simply going to have to read the labels.

There is a version of the 3M blue tape, for delicate surfaces. I'd think that's where I'd start.
Blue painter's tape (wide roll) is a favorite of people who drive show cars on the road as well as people who track their cars. If you use enough you could probably make it work in dry conditions. Some people use clear contact paper, I have some but have not experimented with it yet.
If the paint will pull of with tape you have a real problem or an old Earl Scheib paint job where they used vaseline instead of masking tape on thee chrome.
Paper tapes only becomes an issue if left on more than a few days or it gets wet and dries. I use regular masking tape all the time and never had paint pull off.
There is typically no issues with removing tape from factory paint. It's the "I know a guy" paint job that you'd need to be concerned with.
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