Market to thin down Green Stash

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Oct 4, 2005
Charlotte Metro area
You guys think I could thin down my Green Stash? Thinking I could part with 10-12 and still sleep OK! Anyone around my area interested?
If you are ok with using GC Gold after your GC Green runs out then I'd do it.

A lot of people out there (like me) who are willing to buy and pay for some Green from BITOG members. I already bought 6 quarts from a BITOG member so I'm good but I'm sure there are others
I've just got enough for several years, and don't want it sitting around going bad. I keep it in my closet for better temperature regulation, so it's taking up floor-space!
Sorry, jdavis. Once I posted this in the proper place, Dave picked up all I can bear to part with at the moment. I do know where there is a collection in SE Fl., and I'm traveling down there in a couple of weeks...if you have an AutoZone up there in Maine, maybe I could have the AutoZOne in Fl. ship them up there!?
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