Mann ML1002 – cut open 17K KM's

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Apr 28, 2005
Vancouver BC
This is run past service life, but is consistent with 2 Bosch 3300's I've dissected. Torn first pleat at top and bottom. This is run 17K Km's on a Honda accord. I've switched to Wix.
Yes, the pleats have hardened and warped. It's broken from original position which is why the gap is wider.
Date code might be Feb 5, 2014. If so, really not very old.
Thats awesome. I can remember when Purolator One was big in mid 2000's. Ran it with Redline as both sold at Advance Auto Parts. They are the new cans of death.
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Pure oil later.
Yeah, later when they figure out how to keep their filters from tearing. laugh
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Wix is also part of the Mann-Hummel group.
True, but WIX branded and made filters have kept to their previous manufacturing designs and not been infiltrated with the Purolator disease. For all intents, Mann-Hummel is still letting WIX go their own way and that is good thing.
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