Man am I confused!

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
I have been reading this website for a week straight!

Ok, Lets cut to the chase.

Say for the sake of argument everybody here has an '02 jeep wrangler with the 4.0 inline 6. Jeep has 15k on it and is already on it's 3rd air filter!

Jeep recomends only 10w-30.
You live in the desert on a dusty dirt road.
You change your oil and filter every 2500 miles due to the conditions.

You cant see running any oil even synthetic over 3k due to the dust.

It's 110 deg in the shade.

Your dino choices are. Pennz, QS, havoline, Mobile, Castrol, Valvoline, Motorcraft, Coastal and Wallmarts tech 2000.

What oil would you use and why?
Mobil 1 10w30. Change it at 3000 miles and do a UOA. See what the wear numbers, silicon, and insoluables look like. I suspect you'll easily be able to go 6000 miles on Mobil 1, even under your harsh conditions.

There is no way I'd use a conventional oil.
Agree. Mobil1.

And don't use an oiled air filter. In fact, keep the paper one on longer unless you could grow potatoes on it. Efficiency will actually increase with greater mileage. Look at about 15K to change.
YEP..the above posts are about what I would the Mobil 1 10W-30..change every 4-5k..change air filter(quality paper type) every 15k or the way good to see another Jeeper on the board...I own two...and
Even with thoes conditions, I would have no problems running my usual choice of Castrol GTX (high milage now), and a sligtly oversize filter changed every 2500-3000 in my car.

Assuming you got a tight seal around your filter & PCV hoses and such, I don't see much dirt getting to your oil anyway. The heat will be the worst factor I think?
After over 25 years of big yellow, I am considering changing. One of
the big advantages of Pennzoil is its availability, although fewer
places around here are carrying it anymore. I also do not trust Shell
not to change the formula now that they own them. I am a big
stickler for choose a product and stick to it. I look at what else
Walmart has, and wonder what they will have next year or 5 years
from now.
This board if full of obsessive compulsives (not necessarily a bad thing)and True Believers in their favorite brands. If you change every 2.5K, it doesn't matter which oil you use. Any oil should hold viscosity for that long and additive depletion would not be an issue. It is unlikely that you would see a significant difference in wear rates between any of the oils you mentioned over such a short drain interval.

You might consider an oiled foam air filter and adding a bypass oil filter. They you would be able to extend drains long enough to see a difference in performance between different oils.
I think he is looking for a dino oil.

Pennzoil seems to be a good one and you can find it everywhere. I think if you are changing it every 2500 you can't go to far wrong.
I would use what I am running in my wife's '99 Jeep Cherokee....

WalMart's SuperTech 10w30 and the ST8A SuperTech oil filter.I also use the Fram air filter.At.84 cents a quart,and also that I am a stickler for a 3mo/3k oil and filter change,you really can't go wrong.I recently did change over to 15w40 in our other Jeep and it seems to be doing well on that.Both Jeeps have the 4.0L engine.I've been using the ST oils now for about 1 1/2 years,and have been very happy with it.
You have to realize if Jeep recommends 10w30 dino in their owners manual, then 3000mi for dusty or stop and go conditions is mandatory.
If 10w30 M1 was recommended, it would definitely be higher intervals.
If 10,000 miles intervals was in the manual, 0w40 M1 would certainly be mandatory.

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