makita LXT211 18v Li-ion for father's day?

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Mar 25, 2008
Baton Rouge, LA
I am seriously pondering the LXT211 2pc combo kit. I may ask my wife to make that my Father's Day gift.

I borrowed my cousin's the other day and I was VERY impressed with the power of the cordless impact driver. It removed the lug nuts on my wife's car.

Anyone have any feedback on the 18v Li-ion cordless tools?
My dad loves the Makita drill I bought him, and as a dealer of Dewalt, Makita and Milwaukee, Makita products give us the least trouble and are the best supported.
When I was a tech I went through 3 sets of Makita tools, upgrading the voltage rating each time, I love them, they are not only useful but they will take a beating, I would never work on cars again without cordless impact tools.... my 2 cents
I have the 3/8 cordless impact wrench at work and like it.I use it to remove transmission pan bolts when doing fluid and filter changes,it beats dragging an airhose.The Cornwell dealer I bought it from told me that Makita has the best warranty service out there.I do know a guy that has the 1/2" drive Snap On cordless impact wrench using it the most of the time and the air powered one stays in the toolbox.
I used it again today and I am completely impressed with how much power these cordless battery operated tools can generate.

I compared the power of the 18v Li-ion Makita to my cheap run of the mill Ni-cad Kawasaki that I bought about 3 years ago.

Makes me want to throw the Kawasaki out in the ditch in my backyard.

P.S. Makita is offering a deal where you can get a free tool by mail in rebate if purchasing a certain combo kit by June 30th.
I think its worth looking into!
Must be a Father's Day Special!
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The Makita puts out 1330 in-lbs/111ft-lbs, which is just adequate for casual auto work. For any serious work you need a 1/2in drive gun. Bosch has a 18v gun that puts out 400 ft-lbs, it is around $400. I have one and am impressed with its performance.

It all depends on the use you are going to put the tool through. The Makita is much lighter and more compact than a 1/2 in gun and if high torque is not needed, will work well.
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