maint, req'd light

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Sep 3, 2003
how do these new idiot lights work in the newer cars? are they calculating idling time, cruising speeds, how hard the vehicle is driven, etc and then putting it all together to figure out when the oil should be changed? or do they have some sort of sensor in the engine that can tell oil life? or is it just preset from the factory for 3k or 5k miles? i hope its just some preset timer. i was reading amsoil's action news and they say to reset it when it goes on and continue w/ their extended drain. not to bright, if it's some sort of sensor. my wife has this in her 05 tundra, is it as advanced as GM's? thanks [ May 24, 2005, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: jarmstrong ]
In my 2002 Accord the maintenance required light flashes a few times when you first start the car up at 6k miles from previous reset. At 7500 miles it will stay on constantly.
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