Maint/repair costs per mile

Sep 17, 2002
Lakeville, MN
25-27k across two vehicles yearly, pretty consistent for the last 10 non covid years.

So two vehicles around 13k per year, split on regular tires and snow tires on both. Not a shock that some tires that wear well can get out there in years.

My cars are garaged the vast majority of the time when not in use. And I'm not located where it's high UV degradation nor high heat typically. So again, no need to prematurely retire a tire with good tread and visually fine in my usage.

Work vehicles that are parked outside their whole life we have retired tires before miles due to uv degradation- primarily one brand (hint think France)...
Jun 26, 2003
Makes sense on the tires - I've never had tires in my life that lasted more than 50K miles and I hate to push passenger 5 years they are getting dry rot/cracks anyway.
I replace in pairs on my current car as I had one odd ball from road damage.

I bought a pair at 105k miles and I'm at 160k today.
I bought the second pair at just under 139k.
I probably have one more winter with the first pair, so they'll be just under 70k in the next 10-12 months.
I might be at the point where I replace all four as the others I expect to be at around 40k. If not, a pair next fall for another $250-300 and then another pair 18-24 months after that.
I've had good luck with the WalMart General Tire Exclaim HPX.

They claim to be a 65k mile tire and it appears I'll get that out of them.
Of course, I'll take another look before the snow flies, but they seem to have good tread depth, and I can probably get through the winter with them.

Of course, Murphy will probably deliver a record snow fall. If so, I'll take oilBabe's RAV4 should I need to go out. If it snows that much, the kids won't be in school and she'll be at home.


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Nov 5, 2009
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I looked at Sportwagen and took only the things that were necessary as I've done a lot of "excessive" maintenace on that car due to how I drive it including brakes/tires/plugs/brake fluid etc. $0.06/mile just like the Atlas....and if VW covers the water pump cost it drops to ~$0.04/mile which is great. The Atlas will be there as well once the tire cost is more distributed as it gets more miles.