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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Hi, Last Christmas I got a mac mini, as my olt trusty dell precision workstation somehow kicked the bucket, and I was running on a c. 2000 PIII laptop, which, while it fit the bill for most of what I do these days, was quite slow and thus annoying in a lot of others. I dual computer'ed for a while, using the wintel laptop for running outlook and financial software, and the mac for most everything else. Now that Im settled into my house, Im running the mini on my desk, and just using webmail on it... but I want to get my email transitioned over to my mac, so that I can start using it for everything. So, I have read more or less how to transfer *.pst files from outlook to mozilla or whatnot, so that one can import their emails in correct form to a mac system... but my question is, what email program is the best? I dont particularly use most of the stuff in outlook, as I found paper to be more efficient for me in most of those other tasks... but having all the capabilities of calendaring, to do lists, etc. would be fine, though simpler is better usually. I need all of the viewing, authoring, etc. capabilities that outlook had, only for mac. I already have a 750 MB email file, and it isnt going to be shrinking. So, I need to be able to handle lots of emails, multiple mail files, attachments, html, etc., and do it as safely, securely, and efficiently as possible. What is the best email program to use? I have Mail and Entourage, and wouldnt be opposed to getting any other email program, though preferably it would be freeware or donorware. Any info/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, JMH
A lot of people use thunderbird ( including me. Not a zealot about it, but every time I try to use something else (evolution e.g.) I end up going back. Worth a look JUST FOR the junk mail controls. -T
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