Magnetic oil drain plugs

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Jul 22, 2014
Hi All,

Would there be any added benefit in replacing my oil drain pllug with a magnetic one.
My rav4 uses cartridges so i was wondering if it would be helpful to investigate if anything is getting past the filter media. My UOA looks good, but i'd like to be sure.
I like using my magnetic plug ... it assists the oil filter, and gives me a visual indicator to keep track of how my engine's doing (without cracking open the oil filter).
It's one of those cant' hurt might help add-ons. And cookiemonster is correct, it's best attribute is that it might just predict a serious problem.
I recently put a drain plug magnet on my vehicle, and I also have an oil filter magnet that I've been using for years. Honestly, I don't know if they're removing anything that the filter alone wouldn't have removed. But I picked them both up for cheap, so i figured why not.
Given that filters let through anything below around 20 microns or so, depending on what kind you have, mag drain plugs could help. Normal iron accumulation on them shows small iron particles usually, kind of an iron paste forming, probably 0.001 microns to 100 micron chunks there.


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Obligatory:....PICTURES above....

Oil filter would have caught some of that in the pictures. Not all. My mag plugs get some creamy iron junk, small stuff only.
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Wow, the magnets in my automatic transmission don't look anything like those plugs. That's something.

I waited until mine had around 163K miles before I changed my transmission fluid, and the two big magnets looked way worse than any of the above pictures. That transmission still works at almost 19 years old and 223K miles.
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