made the switch today

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Dec 17, 2002
Well put in Mobil 1 5w30 today. Also used a K&N Oil Filter to match my air filter. Could be mental but after about 60 miles the car seems to idle smoother. Would like to have a Analysis done at 6,000 miles which is about 2 months for me on this oil. What is a good source? How do we package the sample? Is a glass Jar okay?
Check out Blackstone Labs. They will send you the sample bottles. They are plastic. Shipping will run you about 1.50 or so and the actual sampling will run 20. Pretty cheap and straight forward.
There is debate in this area. I believe that Mobil 1 will slowly clean up your engine. I can't cite a specific reference or example though. I think your plan for a 6K oil change is good.
If your engine has sludge or carbon, no oil will clean it adequately.

Auto-Rx or Schaeffer's #131 Neutra will clean the crankcase, including carbon built up in piston ring grooves. Neutra is also an excellent cleaner of the fuel system and combustion chamber. Both cleaners work well in automatic and manual transmissions, other gear boxes, and power steering.

With as many miles as you drive and your regular oil changes your motor should be fairly clean. Synthetics will gradually put the dino residue in suspension.
I've heard it first hand..two older Jeep straight six's had a noisy lifter in both...they changed over to Mobil 1 and after a couple of months they were 2 cents.
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