M1R Testing in Toyota Soon!

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May 1, 2003
I have fallen on good fortune. Someone has made me a generous offer on a case of M1R. So it will be the next oil run through my new Toyota. After I have run M1R I will continue to test 5W40 oils. I am at slightly more then 5000 miles on this OCI. I might cut it short just to start geting a trend going. I am really woundering how Redline has held up with the sub zero temps, high rpm use, mega salt usage etc..... Eventualy I hope to see how a 0W30,5W40wt and 15W50 oil functions in this engine. This is a totaly modern engine design. Everyting in it is ultra light and ultra tight from what I have read about it in SAE papers on trade magizines online. I know that it uses micro grove bearings. These tests are not meant to test one oil against another rather the test is to find out if their is any corraltion between viscosity and wear in my engine. I also hope to find out if one brand is going to be significantly better then the other in the same viscositys. All oils HTHS will exceed 2.6 but will be less then 5.0. THe oils being tested are going to have diverse additive chemistrys and some will be G-III,IV, V or a blend of all of these! I will keep all abreast of my findings!
Originally posted by Swift: John we applaud you for your dedication to the cause. [Patriot]
Definitely! I've always wanted to see someone run a bunch of tests in the same engine with many different viscosities! [Patriot]
It is a Camry 2003 with the 2AZ-FE 2.4 I4. It will take some time to test them all but I am not planning on going any wear anytime soon. I even decided to I would try GC but in the 3 large citys surounding me I still can not find it! All of the AutoZOnes in my area still have the old yellow lable domstic 0W30! I am begineing to belive that Michigan is Castrol old obsolete stock clearing house!! Everyone else gets the good stuff and we get the junk! I am not driveing to Canada to get some!!! 0W30 is not a fast seller here. In GM country 5W30 rules the roost! After I have tested a 4 or 5 different 5W40 I will probably try other weights as well. You know I am usualy preety good at following a plan and sticking with it! I am just so qurious about this new M1R that I have to try it! I never dreamed I would ever put a 0W30 in anything I ever owned! SO this is a big step for me! [ February 22, 2004, 03:04 PM: Message edited by: JohnBrowning ]
So you won't be running a 2nd run of RL anymore? Keep in mind, I believe any oil after RL will benefit from the plated up and residual moly. So you will still have to do several runs to see anything accurate. You are doing what you have critcized of everyone else! [Razz]
John, Your planned tests should provide some good data points. I have similar plan of testing going on right now with a '02 Accord EX V6 J30A1 engine. After letting it break in a bit with about 13,000 miles, I'm having a go with the M1 0w-20. All previous OCIs we're done on M1 5w-30 so I only plan one run of 0w-20. Next up will be another run of M1 5w-30, then two runs of GC, followed by two runs of M1-R 0w-30. I drive this car about 2500 miles a month now, so I should be able to complete this series of tests in about ten months. Does Blackstone Labs sell discounted six-pack lab test kits? Any other suggestions?
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