M1 Noise Official Tally

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
The purpose of this thread is to establish once and for all, a data base of everyone who has ever experienced noise issues with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. This way members will have a source of reference to turn to if they suspect their engine is experiencing noise with Mobil 1.

Many of you have already described your noise issues on other threads, please do so again here. By getting everone on one page, we can then establish a trend line as to which engines experience this issue and perhaps why. Please list the following information:

Your vehicle and engine.

Mileage on vehicle.

Mobil 1 type and viscosity.

Description of noise.
2004 Toyota Tacoma
2.4l 4 cyl 2RZ(FE)


M1 5W30 EP

No difference in noise level.

This oil replaced Castrol Syntec 5W30 at 25K so there is only a little over 50 miles on the M1.
1999 Grand Am, 3.4L

50,000 miles (I sold it)

0w-30, 5w-30 and 10w-30

well? It sounded like I dropped a bunch of BBs down the intake! Made the piston slap tremendously worse.
01 Nissan Maxima
3.0 l VQ30DE-K
~60K miles M1 5W30
Loud "tappeting" noise at idle at all operating temps.

20K miles on GC since. Less noise, but still not completely quiet.
First off I bet you there will be other threads about this subject. GoldenRod I commend you for trying to keep it on one thread. Good luck.

Now, I am doing a test on the noise theory. I have 3 identical Honda Elements (not all the same color) but they do have the same engine and are all driven the same way, about 70% city and 30% highway.

Element #1: Using Pennzoil Platinum 5W20 and using Gumout REGANE every 3,000 miles.

Element #2: Using Mobil 1 5W20 and using Gumout REGANE every 3,000 miles.

Element #3: Using Schaeffer's #704 5W20 and using Schaeffer's #131C as directed.

All 3 Elements had the factory fill changed out at 500 miles and I am doing 5,000 mile oil changes using Honda filters.

Element #1 has the most miles @ 33,000 as it is the oldest. Element #2 has 2,300 miles and Element #3 has 1,100 miles.

As of right now there is no difference in engine noise (all are quite) and there is very little difference if any in gas mileage. I plan on running this test for 20,000 miles on Element #2 and #3 then will more than likely switch both of them over to the Pennzoil Platinum since I get a good retirees discount on this product.

If anything changes I will let you know, if this thread is still here.
2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8L

A little over 1,000 miles.

Factory fill was quiet, changed out at 500 miles.

TropArtic 5w-30 noisy, changed out at 1,000 miles.

M1 5w-30 quite as factory fill

The factory fill was a OEM filter, the other two are Nippon filters with the same number as the OEM.

At first, I was blaming the Nippon filter. But now?

2002 Chevy Camaro 3.8L V6
40,000 - Only made noise on Trisyn M1... the newer M1 is noise free.
2000 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.8L V6
107k miles.
This engine ran 1000 miles on the factory fill, then about 90k miles on M1 5w-30 and 10w-30 before I starting trying GC (a supposedly quiet oil). I'll be going back to M1 5w-30 year round after this OCI due to cost and availability concerns. This engine has run as quiet as a church mouse all along.

2005 Buick Terraza 3.5L V6
9,800 miles.
The factory fill was changed at 3k miles and was replaced with Havoline 5w-30. I changed that to M1 5w-30 after another 3k miles. It has been quiet all along and there have been no noticable differences in noise level.
'96 Audi A4 quattro with a normally aspirated 2.8 V6 12 valve engine with hydraulic lifters and two SOHC.

- M1 0W-40 (used for a few thousand miles when the engine had ca 123k miles on it):

The engine rattled like a sack of marbles at hot idle. A bit shrill at very high RPMs (6,200 RPM)

- M1 5W-40 (used for 16k miles from ca 126k to 146k miles):

No noise issues at any RPM at all.
02 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L, 54k miles, Mobil 1 5w30, sounded like a valve tick at startup; went away as engine warmed up. Gone completely with TropArtic and Havoline dino.

04 Dodge Neon, 2.0l, 19k Mobil 1 5w30, no noise of any kind. Currently running Havoline dino and sounds the same as the M1.
1996 Audi S6 Avant
2.2l 5 cyl turbo (AAN)

166000 km

M1 0W-40

No difference in noise level compared to Helix Ultra 5W-40, Castrol RS 0W-40, Castrol SLX Longtec 0W-30.
1996 Saturn SL2 1.9L DOHC
149,000 miles
Mobil1 5w-30 SM

No noises at all. In fact, M1 reduced NVH in this application over any non-PAO oil. Nice and quiet.
Mobil 1 0w40 seemed louder on my 95 BMW 525i. Going to change this weekend (getting rid of ARX rinse #2 with Pennzoil 10w40 dino) to Castrol Syntec 5w50.

Hoping it will be quieter than the 0w40.
2000 GC 3.3 . M1 10W30 fill last Sept. at 73K miles. Now has 80K on it, (~7000Miles on the M1). Engine is so quiet you have to raise the hood to hear it run. Has A-RX in it right now so will be changed at ~82K.
Honda Element, 2003, 20,000 miles, Mobil 1 synthetic 5-20, clicking at idle and all rpms up to about 3000...at that point, the other engine noises seem to drown out the click. Heard best when driving with passenger window down while a concrete barrier is on the passenger side.

Same oil, Honda Odyssey, 3.5, 2005. Quiet as a church mouse on Christmas Eve night.
2005 acura rsx-s k20

31500 mi

m1 5w-30 w/m1-110 filter

i'm pretty sure i only hear my injectors tapping away at idle
1998 Honda CR-V 90k

M1 30 weight "brew"

Buzzy and clacky


Havoline Semi 10w-30

Smooth and quiet.

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