M1 Extended Performance - 5w20

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Oct 23, 2006
Anyone have any experience with this particular oil? Thinking of running it in my 3 for a 7.5k run, get UOA, and go from there.

Thinking it will handle it NO problem, and will be a little cheaper and easier to find. Going to pair it with a Motorcraft filter.
I used their M1 5-30 EP in my 07 Focus. At 9200 miles I did a UOA and the oil was great. The wear metals were very low and still had a TBN of 3.3.M1 filter.
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I prefer the EP as well..maybe it's the marketing, but I feel like the EP has a better add pack and it makes me feel a bit better.

The cold flow specs on all of the EP grades are impressive. The 5w30 meets some nice specs as well. I have a feeling I won't find the 5w20 EP, so I'll go with the 30...maybe even the 10w30 for the summer months.
After some thinking...I am going to go with PP....I think it will do GREAT for a 6-7k interval in my car. Plus...it's cheaper!

Off to AAP to capitalize on the special!
You can use conventional oil for a 7500 mile interval.

Why do you need synthetic oil?
Never said I needed it. Not sure dino will go 7.5k in my conditions.

MC Blend is also a great option
Originally Posted By: BTLew81
Never said I needed it. Not sure dino will go 7.5k in my conditions.

MC Blend is also a great option

As long as you accumulate 7500 miles within a six month period, chances are, conventional oil will be more than sufficient for your operating conditions.
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Good oil but the regular M1 5w20 is all you need.

Buster, I've been away for a while, doing my own field testing of M1 0w20. :) So I presently don't have the latest BITOG man about town, word on the street on M1 vs M1 EP. From your statement above, it sounds like the word might be that they're essentially equivalent. True? I'm presently planning to refill with M1 0w20 (for another 10+k OCI). Bottom line - if you were going to do a 10-12k OCI (9-12 month) would you have more peace of mind with M1 5w20 EP, or would you drop in the 0w20 ?

(2006 Mazda 6, gently driven, pretty much non-severe).
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