M1 EP 0W20 - 4yrs/17,808km- 2010 Ford Focus 2.0L

Nov 7, 2008
Townsville, Australia
Sample 1: Factory Fill - 1,451km

Sample 2: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 - 7,415km - TBN 14.11 - OCI 12 months

Sample 3: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 7,110km - TBN 6.09 - OCI 12 months - Initial TBN 8.88

Sample 4: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 14,348km - TBN 5.95 - OCI 24 months - Initial TBN 8.00

Sample 5: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 7,925km - TBN: TBC - OCI 16 months

Sample 6: M1 EP 0W20 - 12,034km - OCI 27 months

Sample 7: M1 EP 0W20 - 17,808km - OCI 4 years

Driving Conditions: All city driving
Zero oil added over the 4yrs, stayed right on the full mark.

I live overseas from the car. Last oil change was 2018 with an original planned OCI of 2yrs. Due to travel restrictions in 2020-2022 I was unable to get back to do maintenance on the car. Luckily using a high reserve oil was able to extend safely past the usual milage and keep it going.

As the oil did reasonable mileage I flushed motor with spare oil I had on hand. Drained the oil, drained the old filter, reinstalled the old filter. Filled up with some new but old oil (Val Durablend). Ran the car for a few minutes as varying revs. Shut it down, drained the oil, removed the filter.

New prefilled oil filter installed.

Refilled with: Mobil 1 EP 0W20
Filter: M1-102 change
Schedule OCI: 2yrs

Before oil change:



After flush: Mixing with the durablend for a few minutes.



New M1 after startup.


Everything looking good, big fan of Mobil1 EP! your Engine is looking very clean, nice job.

I think the flush was probably unnecessary if the oil looked decent. You can also just pour a clean quart of oil through an engine after it's drained and probably as effective is flushing...
I think the flush is unneeded. Just run the engine to get it warm and drain it. You just diluted the M1 with Durablend (Not that Durablend is bad oil, just unnecessary)
Is the 0w20 the recommended viscosity? I thought this would have recommended a 5w30 ACEA A5/B5 with WSS-M2C913C (now superseded by 913D) oil in Australia, same as the UK.

Regardless, engine looks clean and report looks good!
Yes the 5w30 viscosity and spec you mentioned is what's in the manual @ 15,000kms or annually here in Aus but I just had a vibe to go with the 0w20. Long term experiment your could say.

I honestly did the flush because that oil was about 10+yrs old and still could not find an application for it so decided to use it up with a flush. Glad I did as its back to clean oil again.
I have used M1 0W20 EP in my 2006 Focus with great results. 265k miles with 10K OCI and it looks like new under the valve cover and no oil use between changes. It is great oil.