M1 EP 0W20 - 2yrs/10,035km - 2010 Ford Focus 2.0L

Nov 7, 2008
Townsville, Australia
Sample 1: Factory Fill - 1,451km

Sample 2: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 - 7,415km - TBN 14.11 - OCI 12 months

Sample 3: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 7,110km - TBN 6.09 - OCI 12 months - Initial TBN 8.88

Sample 4: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 14,348km - TBN 5.95 - OCI 24 months - Initial TBN 8.00

Sample 5: Fuchs Titan GT1 0W20 XTL - 7,925km - TBN: TBC - OCI 16 months

Sample 6: M1 EP 0W20 - 12,034km - OCI 27 months

Sample 7: M1 EP 0W20 - 17,808km - OCI 4 years - TBN 3.1

Sample 8: M1 EP 0W20 - 10,035km - OCI 2 year - TBN 5.32

Driving Conditions: All city driving
Zero oil added over the 2yrs, stayed right on the full mark.

I don't know where the sodium spike came from. I'll keep an eye on the coolant level and color. Leak be small enough to burn off the water and just leave behind the sodium?

I flushed motor again with spare old but new oil I had on hand. Drained the oil, drained the old filter, reinstalled the old filter. Filled up Castrol Edge 10w60. Ran the car for a few minutes as varying revs. Shut it down, drained the oil, removed the filter.

New prefilled oil filter installed.

Refilled with: Mobil 1 EP 0W20
Filter: PBL10241 Purolator Boss
Schedule OCI: 2yrs

Before oil change:


After flush with old but new Castrol Edge 10w60

New M1 after startup.

You think the sodium spike from durablend cleaner? I'm not sure what the ingredients are. Notice it cleaner after the flush. Looks clean in general though. Focus has many more miles ahead.
Looks good! Have you ever tried EP 5-30? I'm around the same mileage on my 15 F150 5.0. I'm doing 7500 OCI with Mobil 1 EP 5-30 which is about 10-12 months for his vehicle. 3 UOA's show me it's a good combo for my driving habits with this vehicle. Yours looks great.
I don't see Potassium on your report. That, along with Sodium will better tell if there's a coolant leak.