M1 container sizes?

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Sep 9, 2003
Portage WI
What sizes does M1 come in? Back in July, my local farm store (Farm & Fleet) had a couple pallets of gallon-sized M1 for $13.99/jug. Needless to say, I snagged a couple for my car (which exactly uses 4 quarts for oil/filter change [Cool] ). I went back to the farm store a couple weeks ago but there were no gallon jugs of M1. [Frown] Was it a limited-time special? I see in another thread that M1 also comes in 5qt jugs. Ð
One of my local auto parts stores (Auto Barn) still sells the 4 quart jugs of M1, but it's the old Tri-Synthetic formulation. At Walmart they sell the 5 quart jug of M1 (SuperSyn formulation), it used to be $18.88 but I read here that they recently upped the price [Mad]
In Canada the jugs of M1 are usually 4L, but recently they put out a bunch of 4.4L jugs. At the end of the TriSynthetic run they sold a ton of 5L jugs, some of them as low as $22 CDN, which is only about $16US!
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