M1 at Wallyworld for $3.88

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Oct 12, 2003
North Carolina
I've heard alot about M1 price increase but I don't see it. The Walmart here has had M1 for 3.88 for over 4 months now. The Castrol Syn. and Valvoline syn is $4.78 there. Go figure. The wierd thing is the 5 qt. container is 22.78 which is .67 a quart higher
I found the gal jugs for $14.97 at G.I. Joe's sporting goods a couple nights ago, thats the regular price! For those that have a GI Joe's nearby, check out the auto section, Bosch Platinum's for $1.99, some really good deals.
Well here in Buffalo, NY the one Wal-Mart has M1 in the Qts. for $4.03 each but the 5 qt jugs are the $22.83. Buying the qts is cheaper...GO FIGURE
Also the conventionals are priced the same way.
BTW sHERM I went to Tampa last year, GREAT place
,I enjoyed every mintue of it and boy do you guys LOVE your Buccs!!!
The Bucs can't seem to get it together this year. They lose one and win one. Tampa is great, but it's as hot as the surface of the sun in the Summer.
Go to different WM in your area. The 3 different ones near me have 3 different prices. From $3.84 to almost $5
The Super Wal-Mart by my house has had M1 for $3.78 for the past couple of years. 2-3 months ago the 5qt jugs jumped to $22.78 but the quarts remained $3.78. Approx 1.5 months ago the quart price jumped to $4.88 and the shelves were full. I checked last week and the 5w30, 10w30 and 15w50 were back down to $3.78 but the new weights (5w20, 0w40) were at $4.88................Doug
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