M1 5W30 9K miles, '06 Altima 2.5

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Jul 23, 2008
Just thought I'd share

'06 Nissan Altima - M1 5W30

9,000 mile drain interval
33,000 miles on engine
M1 Extended Performance oil filter.

Notes from Blackstone:
It looks like the sodium we found last time was from an additive in an oil run in the past. Sodium has all but disappeared in this sample and wear looks great even after the long oil run. We see no reason not to extend your next oil ~11,000 miles as nicely as your engine is wearing. The sample was free of harmful contaminates and the viscosity of the oil read normally. Nissan makes some nice engines but yours is doing far better than most that we've seen. You must be taking good care of your Altima.

Aluminum 3
Chromium 1
Iron 10
Copper 4
Lead 6
Tin 0
Molybdenum 88
Nickel 1
Manganese 0
Silver 0
Titanium 0
Potassium 3
Boron 47
Silicon 15
Sodium 9
Calcium 2343
Magnesium 15
Phosphorous 631
Zinc 793
Barium 0

SUS Viscosity 55.9
cSt VIscosity 9.05
Flashpoint 410
Fuel % Antifreeze .0
Water 0
Insolubles .3
TBN Not measured
That's not M1 UOA, there isn't enough iron wear. You sure you didn't forget another 0 in the iron?? LOL, J/K.....obviously this oil is doing well in your Altima. How long was this oil in your rig and I presume you do a lot of highway driving?
I used the EP formula in the prior run before this one. The numbers didn't look much different but there was 3.5 TBN left after 6,700 miles. They both seem to be good oils for my altima so I'll go with the cheaper between EP and regular M1 for now.

To answer the driving question, I live in a fairly small area and do not deal with big city traffic. I think I drove the 9K miles in about 8 months.
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That looks really good to me. Gotta love Altimas.
You're at a 20 grade ..but it didn't seem to mind it.

Just an observation. Not necessarily a criticism. Flash was just dandy.
Looks good. A bit suprised at the shearing w/o a problem with fuel. Usually, M1 holds a viscosity above 9.5cst, even on long drains.
Nice wear numbers. M1 5-30 is in my 07 Focus at this time with 8000 miles, will be switching to EP at next OC.The M1 oils do a great job in your engine.
Not bad at all I got 5 quarts of mobil one as a gift running it with a pure one filter in my rsx-s right now. I was worried but looking at these numbers I think ill be ok for 4k
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